Video is Very Important to Helping People Find Your Website

Televisions and movies have held the attention of the American people for years. Thanks to digital formats and equipment, people are finding it is quite easy to record almost anything and post it online. Viral video marketing is all the rage for companies that want to try and hit a home run with a simple clip. But would it surprise you to find out that those same short videos can make it easier for people to find your website?

Power of Video is Twofold

There is no denying that people would rather see a video than read a long piece of text. The online video king, YouTube,
stated that in 2010 an average person would watch at least 15 minutes of video each and every day online. But in 2011, the viewing time increased by 35%! People want to see your products, your business, your happy clients and other related items online, at their leisure.

But video makes it easier for your website to be found. Since Google, the largest internet search engine, bought YouTube, videos have more prominence. A video focused on providing quality content to a popular search term will show up high in the search engine results.

Information Reigns Supreme Online

Besides helping people to find a website easier, viral video marketing allows you to explain complicated topics and show happy results. It is perfect for showing your property, your equipment and doing how-to such as improving accuracy with a rifle or perfecting a particular fishing cast. Happy clients smiling and bragging about the wonderful work you have done are also great ways to use video to boost your appeal in the local market.

Are you currently using viral video marketing? What kind of results have you seen? Would you like to learn more about video and how to use it on your website to attract more customers?

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Improve results from Email Marketing Efforts

What is the best way to get better results from the emails you send out to past clients as well as prospects?  Grab their attention.

That does not mean you need to send out some picture from a horror movie claiming they will suffer terrible consequences if they ignore your email.  But it does mean that your emails should be packed with valuable information.  Information that can help people make a decision, use a product or service better, or simply enrich their knowledge.

Make no mistake, social media is the current juggernaut when it comes to sharing among friends, family and businesses.  However, this sharing is usually pictures or video clips or jokes.  Email still reigns as the chief method of sharing valuable information.

Here are simple guidelines to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your emails

  1. Use celebrity endorsements – We have all seen them.  The famous actor endorses a particular charity in hopes that fans of the actor will contribute time, money or other goodies to the charity.  A local sports coach might endorse a particular automobile dealer or doctor, etc. You can do the same thing with your emails.  By referencing success stories from big companies that have offered a similar product or service like you, you are riding on the coattails of the larger company.
  2. Work with the end in mind – What do you want customers to do?  Do they need to sign up for more emails, visit another website, purchase from your physical location, or take some other effort?  If you have one high end product that you would like all of your clients to purchase, focus on moving email readers down the path to purchase that item.  Educate them, so them pictures and videos, provide testimonials from other clients and answer popular questions in emails about the product.  All of this is done with a single goal in mind; the final big purchase.
  3. It’s like exercise; you have to keep at it – Don’t think that just one email blast will solve all your income needs.  It takes consistency in the form of the message and the frequency of the emails.  Decide on a schedule, and start sending out the emails.  Test different headlines, different offers, time of day, days of the week and any other variable that you can think of.  Keep testing and refining to improve results.

What success have you seen with your email campaigns?  What obstacles are you facing?  Leave a comment below.

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