Attracting new clients for your fishing guide business

Fishing guides are a great bunch of folks.  They have taken their passion for the outdoors and turned it into a way to make a living.  Some guides are also competitive tournament anglers while others are simply really good at locating and landing trophy fish.  However, far too many of these people end up struggling at their chosen profession for one reason; lack of business.  If you want to make a REAL living at being a fishing guide, then you need to focus on one primary goal.


That’s right, I said it, and I ain’t backing down from it.  Here is the reason why more marketing will help you grow your business and provide you with the lifestyle you dream of.

  1. More Exposure – When you put together a comprehensive plan to keep your services in front of more people, you become better known though out your potential market.
  2. Better positioning – If you were facing some kind of surgery, who do you want handling the scalpel?  The guy that just graduated college two weeks ago or the guy that has completed dozens or hundreds of surgeries just like yours?  When people get ready to book a fishing trip they want proof that YOU can help them locate and land the big fish of their dreams.
  3. Stable income – When your marketing pieces are all working like a fine oiled machine, you won’t be in the position of looking for new clients and offering ridiculous discounts just to get some business.  You will have a steady stream of people wanting to use your service and willing to wait on your schedule.

Marketing Plan in a Nutshell

A well laid out marketing plan would look like this:

  • A website that outlines your services, prices, photos and videos from past trips and LOTS of feedback from happy customers
  • Regular supply of information via Twitter and Facebook.  Post up information about how fish are acting during the current season, what to do to prepare for a fishing trip, setting expectations for a guided trip, what type of lures have the highest success rate, etc.
  • Make consistent blog posts to your website.  A couple of times a week are great.
  • Consider offering a newsletter via email.  This can be a simple one or two page document highlighting success from recent customers, biology piece describing certain fish species and expectations for the next 4 weeks.
  • Send out postcards once a quarter.  Great way to stay in touch with past clients and keep you in front of them.

Getting Clients Quickly

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to get some new bookings is to send out a postcard to all of your past clients.  Put together a timely message that puts a sense of urgency on the part of the client.  Don’t fall for the same old “hey, we are a great guide, we appreciate your business in the past, now come spend more money” trap.  YOU must give the client a REASON to call you and TELL them to call you.  If you can manage to do that in a few lines on a postcard then you should see a good return on your marketing investment.

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